Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Custom designed Hoodie

Last Christmas, I gave Nick an IOU to make him a custom hoodie. Maybe 9 mths ago, I presented him with some different designs and he choose this one. (Just thought I'd mention that it didn't take me 9mths to finish. I spent the last week before this Christmas on it.)

Primarily monochromatic.... green.
Geometric shapes.
Patch worked together.
Rough edges.
Not 'cute'

Going off my original sketch, I drew it to size. Then started piecing it all together until the puzzle was finished.

My thoughts are... the sleeves and pockets were a pain in the ass. And I went through 2 whole spoons of thread. Besides that, I think it turned out pretty well.

Nick's response... he loves it! Which makes me so relieved.

ok, now you can see how cute he looks in it :)

this is a silly one that i like =) im thinkin it's his Rocky impersonation.


  1. I love, love, LOVE your blog. I also love, love, LOVE the things you make. I've decided I have to save up for some of those leg warmers. CUTE.


    Courtney (remember me?)

  2. YES! i remember you! so happy you enjoy my blog. If you have a special request, ei 'a custom order' for something, let me know. ;)

  3. Great job on the hoodie! Wow, lots of work went into it. Love the stockings and owl. Warms my heart that you love sewing and crafting so much. It brings back wonderful memories of making you girls special items. Nothing like something make with love.