Monday, December 27, 2010


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. It was very white, but a wonderfully sunny day here in Tahoe. We stayed in bed late, made ham/egg 'n cheese crepes and mango yogurt crepes, listened to some Christmas tunes, opened our gifts under the tree, received calls from family, and spent the evening with friends...playing games and eating a ton of yummy food (my favorite being the from-scratch sausage stuffing and mashed sweet potatoes).

This is my favorite gift! Not just any ol' hat, oh no. This is a special hat with head phones built in. So I can listen to my new mp3 player without having to use ear buds. Ear buds are so uncomfortable for me...and someone remembered that ;)
I also received a webcam so I can finally use skype. And likely make some video posts too.

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  1. Yeah! We're on skype. Now I can see you and talk for free! Love it.