Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Snowshoeing and Splitboarding

We received some fresh snow cover this past weekend. Yes, you read that correctly. New snow over Memorial Weekend. With all the food I had consumed, I was ready to get out and get some exercise. I had never snowshoed or splitboarded before so I suggested a hike. We grabbed our gear and headed to the resort (no longer running/open, but still an accessible mountain great for these activities...and snowboarding).

I started snowshoeing first. It was a little awkward because I had to step with my legs farther apart so I wouldn't knock the shoes together each time. It didn't feel very natural, but was definitely easier to walk up the mountain with them then without them.

Then we switched, I tried skinning up on the splitboard. A splitboard looks like skies that you can put skins on and climb/hike up in. Then when you get to the top, you reconfigure it into what looks and functions like a snowboard. It was pretty fun climbing in them. I only slid a couple times on some really steep parts, but powered through them and got to the top.

Here we are at the summit.

It was really foggy out so it's hard to make out the valley below, but we still appreciated 'the view'. While we were getting everything ready to come down, it got really cold all of a sudden and started snowing.

Nick used the splitboard coming down and I used my snowboard that he was so considerate to carry up for me.

I was a little sore the next day, but not bad. It felt good to burn some calories from all the holiday eatin' :) psst... more on that during the next 'Sunday Special' post

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