Monday, May 16, 2011

Media Monday - movies

It was cold and snowy this weekend, so besides finishing my book, we fit in quite a few movies.

The Princess and the Frog = Magical! Disney's still got it. Floating down the swamp reminded me of the Jungle Book (1967), one of my childhood favorites.

Easy A = The girl in this film has the best-est parents ever! They were hilarious and down to earth. The story kept my attention... so much that I forgot all about the freshly baked cookies cooling on the stove. Now that's captivating. :)

How to Train Your Dragon = I thought this one would be boring, but I enjoyed it. The boys relationship with the dragon was sweet. Plus, it indulged my fascination for flying.

and Bunny and the Bull = British film. The plot was so-so, but the artistic way it was shot and the props/stage created made it worth watching.

I'll sign off with this little bit of magic.