Wednesday, May 25, 2011

oh Spring, where art thou

It's snowing right now as I type this. Not too unusual for Tahoe this time of year, especially where we live at about 7500 feet. I guess some soft wet snow is better than the tornadoes back home in the midwest.

For a good dose of 'sunshine', I've been making smoothies and sewing brightly colored fabrics.

(taken a couple days ago when the sun was shining)

An update on how the 'Painting What You Love' project is coming along. I have shared this project with 6 classes so far, with 7 more classes to go! Totally loving it!

this gives me the biggest smile.

The teacher wrote down the artists' thoughts on their paintings. This particular school has a Two Way Immersion program. Both of these classes are Spanish Immersion classes so the explanation is in Spanish (which I don't speak a lick of). Luckily, the children speak English as their first language and understood everything I said.

1. Una tortuga nadando con una sirena. 2. Unos diferentes colores con un corazon.

She wrote this one is English. Not only is this little boy a great little artist but his description is exceptional. "I was motorcycling and the dinosaur was chasing me and I jumped right in the air." hehe so cute.

"Una estrella que brinco del oceano."

The colors in this one make me happy. She mixed her own pink, purple, and orange right on her paper.

The morning classes paintings were mostly dry by the end of the day so I stayed and mounted them. These 3 are my favorites from this class. Top left is a mermaid. Top right is a barn. And the bottom one is a girl bicyclist in Paris. Yes, that's the Eiffel Tower...she thought of that all on her own.


  1. How fun! And yay for Spanish - I was able to read some of the words!

  2. It wonderful to see children expressing themselves in art! Yea, Paris!