Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thrift finds

Last week, I treated myself to some thrift shopping in Carson City. Just look at all the bright and sunny things I found!

A variety of vintage sheets. My faves being the yellow floral sheet in the back and the rainbow pillowcase in the foreground to the left. I am really into rainbows consisting of untraditional colors. (My etsy banner is an example of one.)

A better look at the rainbow pillowcase, with pyrex and square frames.

The large pyrex dish is divided into 2 sections making it great for baking multiple side dishes together. It also came with a lid (which is sometimes hard to come by), but it's chipped and rough on some of the edges. I'm thinking I might be able to 'sand' it down with my dremel. Does anyone have suggestions or experience with doing this?

These 2 little yellow glass pyrex bowls are my other favorite find! I am just so drawn to yellow right now. I think yellow and orange might just be my favorite colors right now. HaHa. I just remembered that Rainbow Brite's favorite color kid was Yellow. haha.

Yep, that's me and my friend Kristen from Halloween 2007. She humored me and went as Yellow. =)

Wishing you all rainbows and sunshine.

jessie b

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