Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Travels - Virginia City

Sunday, we took a spontaneous day trip to Virginia City, NV. No really. We were in the car and Nick was like, "Are you in a hurry to get home?" In which I replied, "Nope." So he just kept drivin' and we ended up in Virginia City. I suppose he knew where we were heading at some point, but it was a surprise for me.

So for a little background... the old tv series Bonanza took place on the shore of Lake Tahoe in Nevada and the closest town was Virginia City. You might also recall the episode about how Mark Twain got his start in Virginia City as a newspaper writer. Which is a true story! Can you remember what his birth name is?

We couldn't help ourselves in this quaint toy store.

Nick bought a kazoo and was playing it up and down the strip. I have to admit, I was a little embarrassed, but admire his zest for life. :)

Hanging with the Conductor.

On the way home, we drove through Wilson Canyon.

Day trips can be so much fun, especially when there's no particular agenda.
We finished our fun day with chicken tortilla soup for dinner, an old movie, and scramble slam.


  1. yep! of course the librarian knows ;)

  2. This looks like so much fun! Spontaneity is the best... in fact, i'm thinking i could use a bit more of that in my life. Great photos too! Glad you guys had a good time!