Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wild Hair Wednesday - color

Last week, I gave you this little sneak peak. Most of you probably guessed what it was, but it was still fun pretending it was going to be a surprise.

A rainbow of color added with pieces of string.

Just to sort of style it, I twisted the front 2 dreads together to tame down the orange in front. Not sure how long I'll keep the front orange one. I like it, but maybe I'll make it shorter. The string, not my dread. :)

yay color!

I figure, as long as I have dreads, I might as well have fun with them.

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  1. Hello! You are your dreadlies are beautiful:) I love adorning my locks with bits of ribbon, yarn and things. lots of fun! i feel like...everything else in my life ends up as artwork, why not my dreads :P

    Thanks for your comment on my blog the other day...sorry it took me so long to write back!
    I am using metal grid wall and bungee cording the grid wall to my canopy tent. You can get grid wall and a store fixture shop( a lot of the times they have used sections which is much cheaper.) As a cheap alternative for awhile i just hung a common garden lattice off my canopy and used s shaped hooks to hang my paintings off the lattice. see a photo of that method in use here:

    Good luck!
    Love and light,
    -Chelsea Rose