Friday, June 18, 2010

Fun week

This week we had a couple friends visit us. We had fun hanging out with them and introducing them to Craps. We live in Nevada so yes, most out-of-towners request to hit the casinos...and yes, we have a favorite. We stayed up way passed our bedtime and slept in a little later than usual. Nick made us all breakfast. He was so happy with how the banana pancakes turned out last weekend that he made them again but with chocolate chips this time. After our guests hit the road, we went to Carson City. Nick usually goes by himself. He works and kite boards down there. I was glad he let me tag along this time. We hung out in this funky coffee shop called Comma Coffee.

And had some yummy drinks. Mine had carrot juice, orange juice, umm... banana I think, and some other healthy stuff.

He had an orange cream Italian soda.

This place has a fun and creative atmosphere, perfect for sketching...which is what I spent my 3 hours doing. After that, the winds seemed to be picking up so we headed to the lake, but no one else was there kite boarding. Unfortunately, his big kite is a little too much for me to handle just yet. Hopefully I can figure out how to conquer it so he doesn't have to miss out on another chance go. He was disappointed, but we decided to make the most of our little trip to the valley by checking out a new place for happy hour. And then.... we when to the movies, yay! I love the movies. We brought in a huge bag of M&Ms (the pretzel kind... have you had them before? It was my first time trying them. They were good, but I still love me some peanut butter ones.) I also decided to just carry my huge Nalgene bottle in because I don't eat sugary stuff without water (or milk) and wasn't about to BUY water. I am happy to report that no one said a word to me about it. hah! Oh, we saw "Killers". It was alright. Nick fell asleep during part of it. Any who, we drove back up the mountain around 9 and it was still twilight out. It lake was so pretty and so were the tree silhouettes on the mountains.

It's been a pretty good week... and we still have the weekend. woohoo!

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  1. sounds like a good week to me! that's so funny about nick falling asleep during the movie. i fell asleep during transformers amidst all the explosions and action scenes when i saw it at the theater a few years ago (not my cup 'o tea). the coffee shop looks like a great place to hang out - definitely my cup of tea, or coffee. :) have a wonderful weekend!