Sunday, June 20, 2010

the Sunday Special - Smoothie x2

this might not be very 'special' cuz i usually have one a few times a week, but i made an especially good smoothie today.

makings for my Blackberry Pineapple Orange Strawberry Smoothie

*1 cup pineapple juice
*1/4 cup or so orange juice
* handful of frozen blackberries
* handful of fresh strawberries
*1 cup orange sherbert

so so yummy!!! and the color was such a deep beautiful purple

I also made a new flavor yesterday. It was the first time i used Watermelon. I used blueberry pomegranat juice, frozen strawberries, watermelon and juice, fat free plain yogurt, flax seed and bee pollen. it was good but more like juice instead of a thick smoothie (due to the 'water'melon I'm sure). I even took some with me to the hot tub :)

1 comment:

  1. We love smoothies. I make them with a banana, a little bit of juice, fat free plain yogurt, and frozen fruit. The yogurt gives it a good texture and not many calories.

    My favorite is banana, oj, strawberries, plain yogurt

    Oh, I also use flavored yogurt...blackberry is gooood.