Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Painting

Last week I was in a serious painting mood and worked on 3 different paintings. This is the second one I worked on. It turned out differently than I had intended (isn't that how it always turns out?). I was actually planning to do a little more to it, but when I got to this stage I looked at it and liked it enough to stop. What do you think? I figure I can make another one and complete it the way I was intending to with this one.

As most of you know, it was still snowing last week which is probably where the inspiration for this crept in. I'm titling this one "Brrr".

can you see the snow? it was snowing while i was taking these

btw, the blue tape is masking off the frame. i figure i'll remove it when i'm for sure 'done' with it. i plan to paint the frame white. it also has a dark piece of trim between the painting and the frame that was black and i did a dark blue wash over it.

it should look like this once the frame is painted.

I'll share the third painting soon. I am also working on another project that I'm excited about. I promise to share it with you once it's complete.

In other news, I have been contemplating what I am going to do next month. Nick is planning to head back to Kansas and I'm wanting to stay out west. I am going to meet up with some Indie Biz Girls in San Fransisco the last weekend in July to attend the Renegade Fair. (Attn: Indie Biz Girls. If you wanna meet up, let me know.) I have been trying to figure out what I am going to do the rest of the month. So far I have researched camping, WWOOF, and volunteering at summer camp. hmmm.... life's next adventure.


  1. love your new painting! i can definitely see the snowy influence. great texture. the snow in the pics really looks great with the painting, too! :)