Sunday, June 27, 2010

my Next Adventure...

I have been working on my next adventure. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Nick is spending July in Kansas where as I want to stay out west. We had to give a 30 day notice to our landlords and I just had faith that my plans would all work out. I offered to volunteer at a summer camp, but even volunteers are taken through an extensive application processes. I went through 2 rounds of questions via email and then was going to have 2 phone interviews, however camp is in session and they are pressed for time. Instead of having a 3 hour conversation over the phone, they invited me to spend the day at camp. So Thursday morning I drove out there and spent about 24 hrs meeting the staff and campers, participating in clinics and games, and experiencing camp life. I found out yesterday that they discussed it as a group and have decided to welcome me into their community! I feel loved =)

So now we are packing up the apartment here in Tahoe and putting most of it in storage. I have to decide what few things I'm taking to camp and finish up some projects in the next 3 days. Wednesday, we will drive to camp. Nick will start heading to Kansas on Thursday and I'll start my new role as a HERO. Yep, that's my title.

You might remember the post I did about Camp Augusta a couple months ago. We attended a wedding there. If you want to know more about the place and community I will be spending the next month with, check out their site. It has so much good information.

I have committed to stay at camp until July 30th. My days will start around 7am and literally go until bedtime. I will be working about 16 hour days with half of Saturday off and half of Sunday off (= about 23 hrs total) if I'm lucky. I will have little to no free time so realistically, I'll probably only be able to manage 1 post per week. There are so many aspects of camp that are conducive to Wild Wednesdays and the Sunday Special blog posts... I'll at least try and take lots of pictures that might get posted after I leave camp. Eek!! I'm so excited!

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