Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Sproom is the title of my latest painting. I used Takashi Iwasaki's painting Youkihigeh as inspiration and a guide.

*click on picture for source

Experimenting with new styles is fun. There are many layers to this one because it started out just brown and red. A few things from the first layer that are still visible are the moose, some brown and red mountains at the top, the mushroom, and the big red tepee on the left side (the top is visible plus the grass below it). I then found random scraps of paper and paper bags and pasted them on. I have a bucket of toys that I use for stamping . I picked out a star and used it. Finally, I found my inspiration painting and completed the piece.


  1. this is my favorite painting yet! awesome work.

  2. this is amazing!! stunning colours :) and a great inspiration piece to start off with! i love how yours turned out.