Sunday, June 13, 2010

the Sunday Special - Cheerios Marshmallow bars

Although I'm at Yosemite National Park right now, I prepared this camping inspired Sunday Special. We bought a bag of these HUGE campfire marshmallows that are about the size of 4 large marshmallows put together. They got a little stuck together because we left the majority of them in the car on Memorial Weekend while we were backpacking. So with some of those leftover marshmallows, I made Cereal Bars to take camping this weekend.

Instead of Rice Krispies, I used Cheerios this time.
I searched for Cheerios Marshmallow bars and found a few variations.
This is the recipe I used.

In addition, I also sprinkled a little Ovaltine in the mix as well (although not enough to taste it).
Chocolate chips or M&Ms would be a tasty addition, too.

and of course I had to eat, I mean test one to make sure they were good :)

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  1. that looks awesome! bet they taste great too.