Thursday, April 8, 2010

hand update

Well, I went to my doctor appointment today and they cut my cast off. Boy my hand looks an old lady hand next to my young one. They x-rayed it again (after they took the cast off, although I thought it made more sense to x-ray before removing the cast). The doctor told me I have ZERO% of healing and that I need to wear the cast for at least 2 more weeks. Since they already removed the cast, they just crammed me back into the old one and wrapped it with an ace bandage to keep it closed. It looks pretty ridiculous but at least I can wash it now.

Other tidbits he commented on.... I have some foreshortening in my middle finger which is visible by comparing my comparing my knuckles. He says nobodies going to notice the difference and most importantly, it should function the same. I sooo hope he's right. The alternative is to have a screw put in, but he doesn't think that's necessary.

I'll leave you with a bad pic of my funny looking hand.

note the flat side and limpy wrist and extra creases in my palm. The other side looked worse with its still green coloring and scales. I thought I'd spare you. :)
If I can figure out how to edit the videos, I'll share them with you.


  1. Ewwww! And what a dumb doctor - probably should have x-rayed it first mister!

  2. i'm seeing more and more deformities and getting pretty nervous about it. ive got to do something about least express my concerns to the doctor.