Friday, April 2, 2010

Week in San Francisco

I've been having a swell time in SF this week. here are some fun pictures so far.

my street sign sharing space with the SFMOMA

snap shot from the moving car

the stinking rose.....lots and lots of garlic

look at all the garlic. and yes we finished it

i had halibut

but this lamb shank was my favorite... mmmmm

my cousin Janna having fun on the sidewalks of san fran. (video by Trish)

turtle bread

aligators, crabs, teddy bears, etc

i ate lobster bisque on a bench overlooking the bay and fed the birds part of my bread bowl

union street (and my new friend Trish.)

what kind of tree is this? it's beautiful

my photo of Lombard Street did not turn out well so here's one snatched from the web. (source)
we did drive down it. it's known as the curviest street in America

Here are some fun thrift finds at the Salvation Army store on Geary Street

awesome drum that had something inside rattling too

plus... a picture Trish took in Berkeley


  1. Whoo Hoo! Love it! Give Janna a hug!

  2. I love the turtle bread!!!! Great pics from the trip!! I love pics from trips :)