Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the blog line up

There is only a few days left in my indie biz class. Saturday is our final live chat to wrap up the six weeks class. I have made some changes and steps in the right direction already, but still have a lot to do. I tend to try and do things in "the right order" and then stall out, so... I'm just going to implement new things as I go and try not to get hung up so much on trying to do it just right.

I've been thinking a lot about my blog and what I'm doing with it and where it's going. I've been deciding what kind of posts I want to have...keeping old topics, starting new ones, etc. I'm not big on schedules (probably because I like freedom to be spontaneous and don't want to feel guilty about missing something). I do however NEED a little more routine and scheduling in my daily life.

So this is what I've decided. I want to play. Have structure, but play and feel free to (cue megaphone) 'step away from the computer' now and again. I'm setting the expectation now that the following is a tentive schedule, a guideline of sorts. I intend to organize my posts based off these ideas, but don't intend to blog EVERYday and sometimes the topics will be totally out of order with random topics thrown in here and there. with that said :) here we go...

Some Weekly Blog Post Ideas include:

Monday: Music/Movie Mondays = or aka Media Mondays. Books and other media might also be featured. This will be a good place to share music, movies, books etc that I'm listening to, watching, or reading. I'm always looking for new bands to fall in love with and I'm a huge movie buff. Maybe we can even read and discuss some books together! fun :)

Tuesday: Tuesday's Travels. share photos of where I've been recently. Where I'm dreaming of. Where some of my favorite people live or are traveling, etc. A peek into the nomadic lifestyle.
Also might have Tuesday's Treasures to share my thrifty finds.

Wednesday: Wild Wednesdays. In place of or in addition to Tuesday's Travels. Ideally my own adventures, travels, outdoor activities and exploration. Could also be updates on a certain someone else's adventures, etc. Also considering ArtWork Wednesday's to share my work and other artists I'm admiring.

Thursday: I really like Thrifty Thursday's, but Jill at Lune Vintage uses that so I don't want to 'steal' that from her. Maybe I'll just ask permission :) to use it.

Friday: Friends and Family Friday or Friday's Featured Friend. Will of course feature a family member or friend. It might be a funny personal story. An interview. A DIY. or a new favorite online 'friend' I've found. Free for all Friday's or Fun for all Fridays. Ever since we were in grade school, Fridays just have a little more laid-back feeling then the rest of the school/work week. Of course, a lot of us are not on a traditional 'work' week, but Fridays still seem like a good time to, well, have a good time. So... Friday's are All About the Fun!

Saturday: hmmm. this is a hard one. Not sure yet, but I'm contemplating Saturday Shopper. featuring etsy shops, thrift shopping, and things I want. Studio Saturday/Saturday Work Space/In the Studio, however Elsie uses Studio Saturday once in awhile so, hmmm. It could be pictures of the space, the projects I'm working on, DIYs, etc. I also thought of just calling it Project Saturday, (but I actually like Project Thursday better). So maybe I'll throw in a Saturday Story Telling or a Spunki Stylin' (fashion, hair, home decor, design, and personal items). Or maybe it'll just be A Spunkidoodle Saturday. OOoww, I really like that one!

Sunday: the Sunday Special. In the kitchen with Jessie B (that's me ;] ) or a guest chef. Cooking, baking, eating out, recipes, favorite foods, and other foodie talk. Some kind of cook-off, bake-off, or contest would be fun. hmmm

*note: some ideas will rotate. ex: this week might be 'Free for all Fridays' and next week it might be 'Friday's Featured Friend'

These are some examples of the type of content you can find on Painting on the Road. I am excited to organize my thoughts and start having a little better flow goin' on here. Hope you're looking forward to this as much as I am!!


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  1. Thanks for your comment! I'm excited to be your Friday's Featured Friend! You have a lot of good plans for your blog! I'm so busy these I haven't even been able to fill out my Indie Biz workbook... :( I'm going to catch up though, hopefully soon!