Thursday, April 22, 2010

snow, snow, and A NEW PAINTING

Snow snow and more snow. Yep, these pictures were seriously taken today... right outside our door. (I actually didn't even go outside to take them.) And if you can believe it, it's. still. snowing.

I also have a new painting to share with you. My first broken handed painting adventure.

I am a little embarrassed of my work/studio (if I dare say studio) space here in Tahoe, but I thought you might never-the-less enjoy a couple photos of it.

Yes, between the fireplace and the TV... more like under the TV. If that shelf gives way while I'm painting, I'm a goner. Well, probably not, cuz if you take a look at the layer of dust on that surface, you'd guess I wasn't painting there recently. Nope, this little 'e' was painted right down on the floor in front of it. I have painted at the table though. I stacked the furniture (it came with the apartment) to increase the storage space, but the end table was still too short to paint at. It was suggested to use cans (yep, cans of beans to be exact) to prop up another surface to paint on. It's worked pretty good actually, still can't put my legs under the table but I'm a good straddler.
Thought I better get a couple pictures taken before those cans go bye-bye. Gonna make chili tomorrow and warm up with all this snow. Honestly, I don't mind the snow. It's really pretty. I should go play in it before it's gone. (and i can't hold in my excitement... im actually typing this with 2 hands. and not pecking with one finger either. im starting to heal. im still taking it slow and gentle but progressing)

Alright, I hope that makes you either grateful for the space you have or if you're in a similar situation, feel better knowing you're not alone.


  1. I love your painting! LOVE IT. You should do all A-Z and put them in a little collage and sell it. You could make a fortune!

  2. Wow! Thanks, Renee. I'm so flattered.