Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Widget

I created my first widget today. It is over here ------------------->
in the right side bar. If you'd like to grab the code and paste me into your side bar, that would be awesome!!!! If you want help, let me know.



  1. I found your blog on the "grab my button & I'll grab yours" forum in Club Indie. :) I put yours in with my Indie Biz Pals! You can find mine over at my blog:

    By the way, you shop at some AWESOME thrift shops. Love the blog. <3

  2. stole your button!

    i vote for project thursday because it reminds me of project runway and thursday is when i do all of my projects since it is my only day off. I thought about doing thrift thursdays, too! that's actually how I found out about lune vintage awhile back haha so now I have a secret plan of action on how to get my thrifing into my blog without stepping on people's toes