Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Travels

This past weekend we hit the road to attend a wedding at a summer camp. This is the coolest camp ever. Granted this was my first time ever to be at camp, but seriously it's awesome. There is an endless list of activities for the kids and their families. We even had the opportunity to join in the activities ourselves. After spending a few hours on their website, drooling over the healthy food they serve and day dreaming about teaching art and really impacting young minds, I was considering applying to work there this summer. However, the hand is not going to be healed in time. But! You've gotta take a look at the experience they are offering here. Seriously great!

Here are some of the pictures from our weekend at Camp Augusta near Nevada City, CA.

we took a little hike to the near by river

yes the water was blue green

nick learning to walk on the slack line

guests playing on the silks

we stayed in Pine and chose the enclosed cabin in the middle. no electricity so head lamps were essential. each cabin sleeps 6 and we choose to bunk up with others (all strangers to me). It was pretty cool...and i mean 'cool' temperature wise for sleeping, too, but during the day the weather was just perfect.

gathered moss found on site was used as table decor

and these baby goats were so cute and friendly. i couldn't believe how soft their coats were compared to mature goats.


  1. This is waaaay awesome. I want to go to summer camp!! Can I be 10 years old again, pleaseeeee??

  2. that looks like a great camp! i'd love to try the silks!