Monday, April 26, 2010

Media Monday - Split Lip Rayfield

This coming weekend I will be attending String Break for the 5th year in a row. It is a MEMORIAL MUSIC FESTIVAL for KIRK RUNDSTROM. Kirk was the lead singer of Split Lip Rayfield until he died in 2007 of esophageal cancer. The year he was diagnosed, String Break was conceived as a fund raiser to help with his medical bills. String Break has continued every year as a memorial and to raise money for his daughters' future, other musicians in need of medical assistance, and medical research.

A 'memorial' might sound kind of solemn, but everyone has a kick-ass time on the farm! Folk, blue grass, speed blue grass and the like play from 2pm til about midnight. Once the official music stops, the band members and audience mingle around fires, talkin and jammin til the whee hours of the night. Those who want to camp, crash there til the morning.

There are a bunch of bands playing at String Break, but just in case you haven't even heard of SLR, here is a taste. Seriously one of my favorite bands for years so it was hard to narrow it down to only 25 (btw, not all my faves were available on GroveShark... that should tell you they write and play a lot of hits).

If anyone is in the Newton or Wichita KS area this weekend, you should go! and don't forget to come say hi :) They are touring all over the USA so check out their site to see if they'recoming to your area soon.

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